Computer and Internet lookup list.


Title Topic See Date added
Tip voor het mailen van een foto. pictures read more... Mei - 2007
Het verkleinen van JPG-pictures. pictures read more... Mei - 2007
Randen van fotos vervagen met gimp 2.2 pictures read more... Mei - 2007
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Notebook Batch BAT
Notebook C# C#
Notebook HTML HTML
Notebook NHibernate NHibernate
Notebook SQL Server. SQL
Notebook UML UML
Notebook Word Word
Notebook XML XML
Notebook XSLT XSLT
Notebook Enterprise Architect Enterprise Architect
Data Link Properties Dialog Box ADO read more... Dec - 2004
Building Help files in C# Help Authoring read more... Dec - 2004
Notes on trying to access an Excel spreadsheet. OleDb,Odbc,Excel read more... Jan - 2005
Accessing an Excel spreadsheet using the Microsoft Jet OLE DB Provider. OleDb,Excel read more... Jan - 2005
Some interesting articles on serialization in .NET .NET Serialization read more... Feb - 2005
Event Cut and Paste Page C# read more... Mar - 2005
Data Binding in .NET, creating N:M relations in a DataGrid. .NET DataBinding read more... sep - 2005
Check whether SQL table exists. SQL Server read more... Dec - 2005
Setting up Deployment Properties (like ProductName, Author, Version) in a Visual Studio 2003 Setup project. Visual Studio 2003 read more... Dec - 2005
MissingManifestResourceException; Could not find any resources appropriate for the specified culture ... Visual Studio 2003 read more... Dec - 2005
An error occurred opening that folder on the FTP Server. Internet Explorer, FTP read more... Dec - 2005
Setting up NDoc, NUnit and FxCop as external tools in Visual Studio 2003. Visual Studio read more... Dec - 2005
My first WebService attempt. ASP.NET read more... Dec - 2005
Referencing to external helpfile from within a NDoc generated helpfile. Help Authoring read more... Jan - 2006
Application Configuration Settings C# read more... Jan - 2006
QuickStart NUnit NUnit read more... Oct - 2006
Evaluation of 4 Memory Profilers. - read more... Nov - 2006
NDoc, creating comment for namespace. NDoc read more... Feb - 2007
Microsoft Enterprise Architecture Guides Doc read more... Feb - 2007
Design Patterns. Very readable samples for the GOF Design Patterns Design Patterns read more... Feb - 2007
Guidelines in Visual Studio Visual Studio read more... Apr - 2007
XSLT Processor sets encoding to "UTF-16" XSLT read more... May - 2008
Parameterize the query of a database node in Clementine. XSLT read more... Dec - 2008
DBConcurrencyException: Concurrency violation: the UpdateCommand affected 0 of the expected 1 records. - read more... Dec - 2008
Enabling Code coverage in Visual Studio 2005 on a network drive. Visual Studio read more... Feb - 2009
QuickStart Log4Net Log4Net read more... Mar - 2009
Enabling intellisense in Visual Studio for XML files. Visual Studio read more... Mar - 2009
Log4Net, changing the filename of an Appender at runtime. Log4Net read more... 2009
Log4net :Writing a log file to the same directory from multiple running instances of a program. Log4net read more... May - 2009
Error loading .NET2.0/Com wrapper assembly from within Excel 2002 VBScript. C# read more... Nov - 2009
Default working directory from within .NET Com wrapper while running VB Script from within Excel. C# read more... Feb - 2010
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This list contains references to topics I once looked up.
Too often, I found myself wondering where I've read something before.
To avoid searching for the same thing twice, when I think I might need it in the future, or want to reread it, I make a note here.
Sometimes I use a link to a website, sometimes I make a copy to cache it, and sometimes I make additional notes.
Although this list is for my personal use, when you find something useful in my notes, you can use it for free.
When referred to a page somewhere else on the internet, copyrights as described on that page are applicable.

Alex van Buitenen.